Jordan’s Cereal

Styling for Jordan’s
Photographer- Ian Garlick



Doritos Kaiju battle.

The playful retro design for the set and costumes in this project were inspired by early Japanese ‘Tokusatsu’ style films in which huge strange monsters (Kaiju) would battle it out. It’s an online Spanish campaign in which the viewer chooses the outcome of the battle.

The cityscape was built in small scale and shot against green screen then the martial artists in our custom costumes were comped in.

Kaiju face off

lobster down street

purple kaiju lazer eyes

lobster kaiju falling

lobster hit with sparks

Architectural display.

This model was made for an international logistics and security company so that they could illustrate the possible threats and dangers involved in the building and running of a new power station, ranging from an electric storm to terrorist intrusion. danger model 2danger model Many of the elements were drawn up on software and laser cut before assembly.
The model was taken to an event in the Netherlands where the demonstration took place.